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Meet Adam Brown

"My grandmother has lived in the same Vero Beach house since 1946," says Adam Brown, a fourth generation true Floridian whose roots in Florida date back to the 1800's. "South Florida is one of the most magnificent places I know." Adam moved to the area when he was 8 years old and now resides in Palm City. Brown's profession is one in sales, and others in the Real Estate industry must work tirelessly to keep up with his phenomenal sales record at Waterfront Properties and Club Communities, Stuart, FL.

Adam's Background

A well-deserved reputation as a natural born salesman, Brown, at just 16 years old, owned and operated a successful lawn mowing business with over 40 clients while still attending school each day. Adam managed to simultaneously and remarkably juggle 3 jobs as a waiter, a door-to-door cable salesman, and a life and health insurance salesman throughout his college years. He studied marketing at the University of Central Florida, University of S. Florida, and Indian River Community College and upon graduation, Brown went to work in sales at the Disney Corporation. It wasn't until 1989 at a chance meeting with Joan Thomson when Adam's career changed forever.

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Joan Thomson, one of the foremost respected realtors in Palm Beach County, FL, is a broker and partner at Waterfront Properties and Club Communities. Contributing to Joan's mammoth success is her keen sense of people, and after a methodical conversation with Brown, she felt he would be an asset to her company. This decision quickly proved to be correct as Brown gained immediate recognition as one of the leading agents in the group.

The first area Adam was assigned to service was Palm City, and the new waterfront community known as Sewalls Point Plantation. Brown's exceptional talent to sell entitled him to change direction and focus on the luxury waterfront properties in Stuart and Sewalls Point. In his first year, Adam began with 5 million in sales and has closed several hundred million since.  "Throughout my entire career, I have only sold waterfront real estate. I can actually count the number of non-water related properties that I have sold during that 16 year period on my fingers," says Adam. A diligent work ethic, tremendous sales aptitude, and keen knowledge of the Stuart area has assisted this dynamic professional's enormous success and created a data base of loyal clients.

Adam is passionate about all the things in his life. He has a bold passion for his career, and when not working, Adam's passions are vast and varied. His favorite time is devoted to spending time with his family. "We love to avoid being indoors and most of our activities are spent outside," says Adam when referring to his passion for horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, boating, and flying. The Browns own 2 magnificent horses, Rex, a black Friesian and Maria, a white Lipizzaner-cross, who majestically rode the family through the streets of downtown Stuart, in full Medieval costumes, leading the town's Holiday Parade last year. "We love to take the horses out riding..3 out of 4 Saturdays a month the whole family gets up at 4:30am to ride the horses, I know that sounds crazy, but it is hard to find time during season to ride and this way I am done by 10:00am and can work if needed. A lot of people, besides me, get up to go fishing that early so what's the difference," says Adam, who rides especially well when participating as a member of the Master Fox Hunter's Association where he qualified to receive his colors, or the right to wear the traditional red jacket.

Brown is also a member of the Bottom's Up racing team, a mountain bike group that travels all over the State of Florida and North Carolina logging hundreds of miles a year on the trails. "In the summer, I ride my bike from 7:00 to 8:30 evenings." Growing up in South Florida helped expand Adam's interest in boating and fishing, and he gladly arranges outings to share with clients.

Brown keeps his boat at a marina close to his Stuart office and says, "Taking prospective clients to view homes from the water is an integral part of my business because it is an ideal opportunity to show them a slice of paradise. Stuart has a phenomenal view by water, and it's a perfect time to show off our 2 and 3 mile wide rivers and wide open areas to run your boat. There aren't a lot of no wake zones to slow you down like most of South Florida," says Brown. Adam's family responsibly makes time to 'give back' to their community, and Brown is actively engaged as a member in the Missing and Exploited Children Foundation. Having a teenage daughter himself, Brown is adamant in wanting to help make a difference in finding missing kids and preventing future exploitations. "Our daughter is our life and everything we do is with Ashleigh in mind," Adam proudly admits.

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