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Dear Adam,

Just a breif note to let ou know how much we enjoyed speaking with you at the Luxury Real Estate Confrence. I thought it was quite a rewarding confrence, especially meeting people like you and sharing in ideas.

Again, Adam it was a pleasure meeting you and look forward to seeing you again.

Irv Ridd Cascadia Pacific Realty

Dear Adam,

We are writing this letter to let you know how much we appreciate all your efforts in selling out property. Over the years we have bought and sold over two dozen properties and have dealt with an equal number of realtors. In these past experiences we found that the realtors behaved more like tour guides or order takers and never like the sales person for which I thought I was paying. All of the properties were eventually purchased. However, in my dealings with you I felt that you more than earned every dollar I paid in commission. In our experience, you are the first realtor who actually sold our property and closed the deal. We believe that without your skills, salesmanship and experience our property may still be “For Sale”. All of your professional skills and effort are both recognized and appreciated.

Please feel free to have any of your potential future clients contact me. Thanks again.

Kenneth and Mary Anne Smith

Dear Adam,

Tom and I are happy to have made your acquaintance. Thank you for your time in showing us, at separate and many times, all of your listing that we found interesting. Your continued interaction was welcomed, and certainly paid off for all of us!

Though I know I worked hard to try and stay completely with listing agents (I wish YOU had that listing!), in the end, getting what we want in the timing manner that we did, makes all the difference. IT was meant to be and wouldn’t have been a contracted house by us if you hadn’t called me when you did.. on my cell as I was departing Stuart for Tampa. We all know – timing is everything!!!

Again, thank you for your extreme efforts. Should I find myself actively brokering real estate, I’ll look forward to working with you when the opportunity arises.

Margaret and Tom Dyer

Hey Guys,

Alice and I are really getting settled here in Guilford, Ct. We wanted to drop you a note to thank you for selling our home in Willoughby Golf Club. Your outstanding marketing of our property made the sale possible. As we are all aware, no home in Willoughby has ever been sold at the price that we realized. Yes, we had a very special home, but thanks to Waterfront Properties and to both of you, you made it happen. From advertising in all of the prestigious publications in South Florida, you exposed our property to many prestigious buyers who would never had known that the property was on the market. Your multiple use of pen houses to market our home to prospective affluent buyers in the immediate Martin and Palm Beach County areas also helped to expose the home. We have sold many homes over many years. You guys are the best! The best to you both. Enjoy the rest of the summer and thanks again.

John and Alice Emra

Dear Adam,

WE DID IT! THANK YOU! It was a pleasure to work with you in closing of subject property.

It’s great to work with someone who can get things done with a minimum of problems and your cooperation every step of the way was appreciated.

I look forward to having transactions with you in the future.

Sally Stetson REALTOR